SUCclean (Evacuation Cleaner)


Effective and clean disinfection, "SUCclean"
Disinfection, clean and deodorant for suction line of dental suction system.
SUCclean is premium hygiene products.



* High performance disinfection and cleaning.
* Economical use, 100 times dilution.
* Eco-friendly, No aldehydes, halogens, or phenols
* Quick-acting
* Simple-using

*SUCclean is available to dilute max.
100 times with water and manage suction parts and spittoon bowl at a small charge.
Patient and medical team feel refresh with bright scent and color of SUCclean.

Excellent detergency

* SUCclean show good detergency without foaming and corrosion.

* Wide spread disinfectant properties
- SUCclean show wide disinfectant for bacteria, mildew and virus.

* Economical dilution rate
- Max. 100 times dilution with water

* Safety for human body and machine
- SUCclean show safety for human body and machine using by biodegradable materials

* Refreshing bright scent and color
- SUCclean' orange scent and color give refresh feel.

Recommended usage


1. For better effectiveness, dilute 20ml of SUCclean using by cap of
    the SUCclean bottle into 1L water.
2. Run suction with 900ml diluted solution.
3. Pour slowly the rest of 100ml diluted solution into spittoon bowl.


1. Be careful skin irritation and eyes damage. 
2. Protective goggles and gloves are recommended. 
3. Keep in a cool area

* These plastic containers, colors, label design and specifications are subject to change without notice.




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